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Become a Civility Ambassador

Frequently Asked Questions About the Community Civility Ambassadors Program

Who can apply to become a Community Civility Ambassador?
ANSWER: Any person 18 years or older who is interested in supporting civility in the various aspects of their life and civic involvement.

What does my Community Civility Ambassador Certification mean?
ANSWER: Once you are on our Community Civility Ambassador register, you will be recognized and qualified to offer the WCC’s Civility Training workshops and trouble-shoot challenging issues that you see facing your family, a club, or any community or civic group, company, or institution.

Is there a cost?
ANSWER: $45 which you can pay by check or credit card.  This will cover the program and all training materials.

What is my commitment?
ANSWER: Once you are on the Community Civility Ambassador register, you are encouraged to periodically review and/or attend scheduled civility workshops and continuing training.  Furthermore, you are encouraged to offer trainings when they are convenient to your own family and work schedule.

What territory will I cover?
ANSWER: There is no limit other than your time, availability, and comfort in offering your Community Civility Ambassador expertise.

Will there be continuing training?
ANSWER: Yes.  These programs will be announced when made available.

Can I recruit other Community Civility Ambassadors?
ANSWERS: Yes, providing they are legal age (18) and you have confidence in their ability to serve as an effective ambassador for civility.

Is there a Civility Ambassador program for Masons?
ANSWER: Yes.  Please go to