Community Civility Ambassadors

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Become a Civility Ambassador

Welcome to the Community Civility Ambassadors Training Program.

We see, hear, feel and, thus know that the world about us is becoming increasingly uncivil. We lament this fact, and fear the kind of world we may leave to our children and grandchildren unless something is done.
The question is: What can be done about it?
And, more to the point, what can we do to stem the tide of this rancor and hostility and bring civility as a revered quality and tool back to private and public life?

What does a Community Civility Ambassador do?

The role of the Community Civility Ambassador is to articulate the principles of Civility within our personal, private, and public spheres in which we are engaged.   As a trained and certified Community Civility Ambassador, you are encouraged to make yourself known as such to service clubs, youth organizations, school assemblies, civic groups, local governmental officials, etc. and to solicit their active support in bringing Civility back to Society.
With the help of the WCC and your fellow experienced and new Ambassadors, you will learn to: 1) identify appropriate “targets” for making civility presentations; 2) refine the presentation for each “target” audience; 3) contact appropriate leaders and arrange for presentations to take place; 4) make the presentation; 5) evaluate the reception by the target audience; 6) suggest revisions or additions to the materials to be provided to you, including 1) sample PowerPoint presentations geared to various community “target” groups; 2) lists of appropriate organizations in the Civility movement that can be referenced for follow-up; 3) “toolbox” references to incorporate in their presentations; 4) sample evaluation procedures and forms.