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Community Civility Ambassadors

Sponsored by the Worldwide Civility Council

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Welcome to the Community Civility Ambassadors Program

Sponsored by the Worldwide Civility Council

We know the world about us is becoming increasingly uncivil. We lament this fact, and are afraid of the kind of world we are leaving to our children and grandchildren.

The question is: What can be done about it?

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In 2014, Masonic leaders

across North America joined forces to address the need for a more civil society. Much progress has been made!


We can all define what it is NOT

but how do we define what civility is? Civility is essential for the success of any society. It is grounded in respect and in an attitude of inclusiveness.



have a long history of fostering civil dialogue and building civil societies.


In our melting-pot culture,

we see and know people of different:
• Places of origin
• Language
• Races
• Disability
• Other


Beyond Masonic lodges

and their worldwide presence, as Ambassadors in different walks of life, we can provide an intriguing and dynamic system of tools and education to deliver programs and information.